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The page resource is ideal to use for content that you want to share with students and allows you to add text, hyperlinks, images, audio, video and embedded code.  If you are adding content that students need to read rather than download it is also a better option than uploading a word file. One of the benefits of using the Page resource is that it is accessed via a link on your LS page and so doesn’t clog your page up.

How to add the Page resource

  • Login to LS and go to your module page
  • Turn editing on
  • Go to the section that you want to add the page resource to
  • Click add activity/resource
  • Scroll down to resources and select page

Add information to your Page

  • Enter a name for your page (this will be the title of the link that students see on the module page)
  • Add a description (optional). If you do add a description, check the ‘Display description on course page’ box so that students can see it
  • Content section: Type in your information and click on the relevant icon in the text editor to add any images, hyperlinks, video, embed code etc

  • When you’ve finished adding content, scroll down and click Save and return to course

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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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