Edublogs: How to create lists to help save time accessing classes

This blog post will help you to manage all your Edublog sites so that you can save time and save scrolling through lots of pages to find what you need.

If you still have too many sites in your My Sites drop-down list after removing sites from the list, you can create separate lists to help manage your sites.  To do this follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to your ‘reader’ area (or click on ‘Dashboard’)
2. On the bottom right-hand side of the screen you should see ‘My Lists’

My lists
3. Click on ‘Create new list’ > add a title for the list
4. You’ll need to locate the URL class address for each class that you want to include in your list, do this by visiting the ‘My Site’s area and clicking.  This will take you to a page showing all the sites that you are a user on.
5. Find one of your classes and copy the URL as in the example screenshot below:

Creating lists

6. Head back to your new list and in the bottom box add the URLs for any class sites that you want including in the list, separated by a carriage return and click on ‘Create’.

Create lists
Once the list has been created, you’ll need to visit the settings to be able to see all the sites attached to it.


7. Click on the little cog icon for the list > You can then visit any site, by clicking on the chain icon. (not the site title)

Manage sites

8. To add more sites, just copy and paste the URL into the ‘Add sites to this list’ box and click on ‘Add Sites’

You may like to then create a browser bookmark for your list page, so you can quickly access it.  In addition, you may like to create multiple lists for different areas.  The good news is that any site you switch to from your ‘My Sites’ area will always display your lists in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Watch the below screencast to learn more

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Matt Ewens

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