Edublogs: How to find out which site is yours

Which site is mine?

A recent issue has come up specifically for students that are subscribers on their peers’ blogs that have exactly the same site title.

The below screenshot shows what this looks like:

Organising your sites

In the above example there are several sites called ‘Global Childhoods’ – this can make it difficult to determine site identity.

To solve this problem, login to Edublogs – hover your mouse over My Sites, click on the first site called ‘Global Childhoods’ – you will either see two different viewpoints.  One will show all options for posts/pages, site settings etc.  This means that this is your site because you have all the available options to edit content.  See the below example screenshot:


This will be the view you will see if it’s a site that you created

For any sites where you are only a subscriber, you won’t be able to edit these as they belong to another member of your group.  So if you click to view a site where you are a subscriber, it will look similar to the below screenshot: (So you can see that all you can do is view the group member’s site.)


So when you have located your own site (see screenshot captioned: This will be the view you will see if it’s a site that you created), go to ‘Settings’ > General.


Change the ‘Site Title’ to include your initials – for example ‘Global Childhoods – JS’

Scroll down the page and ‘Save Changes’

This will mean that the next time you hover your mouse over ‘My Sites’ you will be able to quickly identify your own site as it will say ‘Global Childhoods – JS’

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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