REPLAY/Panopto: Keyboard quick controls

Replay automatically captures scheduled content including Lectures, Practicals, Seminars and Workshops in teaching spaces equipped with automatic recording equipment.  After a session is captured there is a 48 hour delay before the capture is published on any LearningSpace page.  Please note that for Module Leaders/Tutors the session will appear on the module page straightaway, but students will not see this until after the 48 hour delay.

Teaching rooms with Replay will have posters on the doors to remind staff and students, but you can also quickly control the recording by using the keyboard quick controls as shown below.  If you have any concerns about a recording, please get in touch with the team.

Please note that if a laptop has been fully shutdown and you begin your session, it will take time before the system loads and this can cause a delay before the REPLAY system starts recording.  The advice we give is to never shutdown a computer in any teaching room, but to log off as courtesy to other teaching staff.

In addition please see the guides below for information on the editing options and the REPLAY system.

Editing a recording
How Panopto works
REPLAY/Panopto In Session Controls

During a session staff members have the ability to control the recording using the In Session controls.

F9 on your keyboard will PAUSE a recording, the light will show WHITE. F9 will also RESTART a recording if it has been paused, the light will go back to RED.

F10 will STOP the current recording, the light will go WHITE.

If you are in a session and there isn’t an automatic recording taking place you can start one by right clicking on the Panopto icon in the system tray or by starting an ad-hoc recording using the desktop recorder. If you start a recording in the session from the system tray please get in touch with the team afterwards so we can ensure it gets put into the correct module folder.

Panopto quick controls

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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