Edublogs: How to add your posts as a home page

If you have found that when you click on your home page link, that it links to an empty page, but when you click on the title of your site, it displays all your posts.  Then there is a quick solution to set your empty home page the same as the link to all your posts.

  1. Go to your live site and click on the title of your blog – this will display all your posts.  Copy the URL from the browser.  It’ll most likely look something like this:
  2. Go back to the dashboard of your site (an easy way to do that is to click on the icon that looks like a speedometer)

    speedometer icon

  3. Go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Menus’
  4. Click on ‘Custom Links’ from the left-hand tabs

    custom link

  5. Paste inside the ‘URL box the URL you copied earlier
  6. Type ‘Home’ inside the ‘Link Text’ box
  7. Click on ‘Add to Menu’
  8. Your new home page will appear at the bottom of the menu.
  9. Click on the downward facing arrow next to the old Home navigation item, then click on ‘remove’


  10. Now that the empty Home page has been removed, you can drag the New Home page to the top of your menu
  11. Click on ‘Save Menu’

As a side note, if you’ve not created a menu before, you may need to check the box next to ‘Primary menu’ at the bottom of the menu before saving.


(Also make sure that the structure of your menu is correct. So you can add any pages or posts to your menu)

Follow the below screencast to see how this works.


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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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