LearningSpace – Adding content and organising your module page

This page contains links to guides that show you how to use some of the tools, built in activities and resources in LearningSpace to help you create a well organised and engaging module page for your students.

Add a header image

How to rename sections

How to hide activities, resources and sections

How to save a word document as a PDF file – PDF files can be viewed in the browser on any device. Word files need to be downloaded and opened with Word processing software

How to use the URL resource  – The URL resource can be used to add links to webpages and files

How to use the Page resource   – The page resource is ideal to use for content that you want to share with students and allows you to add text, hyperlinks, images, audio, video and embedded code

How to use the Checklist activity -The checklist activity allows you to create a checklist of tasks for students to work through and tick when completed. This helps students to track their progress with assignments and other activities. When tutors click the checklist, they see the names of students enrolled on the module and what they have checked as having completed

How to create a Quiz – The quiz activity is a great tool for checking student understanding. It’s easy to set up a quiz and if using multiple choice questions, is self marking. The Quiz activity is also used for online exams.

How to add multiple choice questions to your quiz

Embed a YouTube video – Sometimes it can be very useful to embed a video that you want students to watch rather than providing them with a link to follow

Choice activity – Can be used to run polls or to gather information from students. You could use it to ask a simple question, to kick start the beginning of a lesson or it could be a question left unanswered from a previous lesson that needs an answer.

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