New LearningSpace Module pages – Using the Import Tool

A new module page is created in LearningSpace for every yearly cohort of students who study the module. This allows students who have previously studied a module to retain access to it until they complete their programme of study. When you first come to populate a new module with resources you will find it in one of two conditions:

  • If the module is being taught for the first time or did not run in the previous academic year then you will find that the module contains information guiding you on the best ways to organise the resources and activities you provide to students via the LearningSpace module. If you need to copy individual resources from other modules into this one then the Sharing Cart might come in handy.
  • If it is a module that ran in the previous academic year then the module will be almost completely empty, containing nothing but the ‘Announcements’ forum and two blocks at the side, the “Upcoming events” block and the “Replay” block. In this case it is likely that you will want to import most of your content from the previous years’ module. The purpose of this guide is to help you to do that quickly and easily by using the “Import” tool to bulk import as much content as you want from the previous year. Once you know how to do this then it should take no more than 10 minutes to populate a module from the previous years’ content.

Using the Import Tool

Pre-flight Check

In order to bulk import content from one module to another you will need to be either a tutor or module leader on both.

  •  If you did not teach on the old module and it is not in your “Course overview” list then ask the module leader to add you to it as a tutor, or if they are not available then ask your Student Administrator or
  • If you cannot find the new module in your “Course overview” list then you can ask your Student Administrator to add you as Module Leader or, particularly if you are trying to prepare things early, it may be that it does not yet exist. In that case contact

Bulk Importing

  1. Go to your new course page, click the cog icon (top right) and then click ‘Import’

  1. Enter the module code of the course you want to import from and click ‘Search’
  2. Select the correct course and click ‘Continue’
    Backup settings: All options are selected by default. Deselect blocks and calendar events. If there are groups in the previous module which you want to carry over then keep ‘groups & groupings’ selected.

  1. Then click ‘Next’
    You will see a list of all sections and content in the course you are importing from and everything will be selected by default.
    You must deselect:
    The ‘Announcements’ Forum. This already exists and you don’t need two of them
    All Turnitin assignments. Our automatic system will take care of creating new Turnitin assignments
    You should now look down the list and decide what other resources you want to copy over and deselect those that you want to leave behind. You can deselect individual resources or complete sections that you don’t need. In the case of activities which might have student content such as quizzes or discussions then the activities will be copied over and the student content will be left behind. So for example, a quiz will be copied with all the questions just as you set it up but the student attempts will be left behind in the old module.
  2. Click next – you will see ticks next to items you have selected to import (If you want to make any changes, scroll down and click previous)
  3. When you are happy with what you have selected, click ‘Perform Import’ at the bottom of the page.
  4. A message will inform you when the import is complete
  5. Click ‘Continue’
  6. You will be returned to your new LS module page and will see the resources/sections that you imported.



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Tracey Eaton

Digital Innovation Technologist

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