Induction 2019-20: Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Plymouth Marjon University and to the Digital Skills area.

This area contains help and guidance on all of the technology you will use during your time at the university. The videos provide you with a recap of what was covered during the ICT induction sessions and there is guidance beneath the videos that gives you quick access to information and links to help you get started.

Getting Started

Using our VLE and Apps

If your main place of study is not on the main Marjon campus you may not be eligible to access all campus resources and there may be additional information that the tutors at your base will provide you with in relation to, for example, printing, handing in work or accessing wifi.

Information and Links to support materials

Logging in

Your network account gives you access to:

  • The computers on Marjon campus
  • Your E-mail account
  • Learning Space
  • Library electronic resources
  • Print credits – monitor and top up
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Marjon mobile
  • Wifi

When you arrive your username will be your 8 digit student number (found at the bottom of your library card). Your password will initially be set to the following: Marjon-DDMMYYYY (replace DDMMYYYY with your date of birth).

New passwords must be 14 characters in length and include upper/lower-case letters, numbers and symbols.

For more information on your login details (and getting Free Microsoft office) visit our guide.

Marjon network passwords do not expire. However, if you forget your password, you will be unable to login to LS or access other services. It is essential that you setup your password reset profile. For guidance on how to use the Password Reset Manager, look in the Network Account Information section of the Digital Skills Training Frequently asked questions page.

Once you’ve created a profile you can then reset your password online, at any time.   Once you’ve logged in to LearningSpace you can access a range of resources.


You can access LearningSpace (LS), the University’s online Virtual Learning Environment from any computer with Internet access.

Open a web browser and visit:

For more information visit our Accessing LearningSpace guide.

Wi Fi Access

Wifi is available across the Marjon campus and you can log in using your network username and password. The Marjon campus wifi network is called Marjonwifi.

For further information visit our Wifi on campus guide.

Accessing Drives

If you’re not on the Marjon campus, you can access your N Drive, OneDrive etc by using ‘Drives’

For more information visit our Drives – Access your files from anywhere guide

Submitting through Turnitin

Turnitin is the method of online submission used at the University. For information about using Turnitin visit our Turnitin: Assignment submission & digital receipt guide
From September 2017 students will be able to access similarity reports produced by Turnitin for their submitted papers.  For information and guidance on how to view similarity reports, visit the Turnitin-feedback-studio-similarity-reports guide

Marjon Mobile

Marjon mobile is the official app for students, staff and visitors of the University. By logging in to the app using Marjon account details, you can quickly gain access to a range of personalised information and Marjon campus updates.

To find out more about Marjon Mobile visit our Marjon Mobile 4.0 page.


Marjon CheckIn is an Attendance Registering system that records your attendance and activity on Marjon campus in timetabled sessions. You will see CheckIn posters (with QR codes) in teaching rooms and communal areas around Marjon campus and need to use the QR code scanner on the Marjon Mobile app to register your attendance. To find out more about CheckIn, click here.

REPLAY (Panopto) Recording Lights

All timetabled lectures are captured by REPLAY and made available to you via the REPLAY block on your LearningSpace module page.

REPLAY recording lights have recently been installed in teaching rooms across Marjon campus to help make it clearer to you when a session is being recorded by the automatic system. The light will appear red when a session is being recorded and white when a recording is paused or no recording has been scheduled.

There is also a Panopto app that we recommend you download. This  enables you to view all lecture recordings of modules that you are enrolled on
For more information about the Panopto app, visit: replay-installing-and-using-the-panopto-mobile-app/

Moodle Mobile App

The Moodle app allows you to access LearningSpace module pages from your mobile device. Benefits of using the app include being able to download courses to view offline and receiving notifications straight to your phone. To find out more about the App and how to get it visit the Installing the Moodle Mobile App page on our Digital Skills Help site.

Study Skills

The study skills area provides guidance on a range of skills including how to write academically, dissertations,  exams and research, critical thinking and reading and note taking. Open a web browser and visit:

If you require specific advice or support you need to contact your Personal Development Tutor.

Marjon TELKit

The Marjon TELKit  is the place to go to find out about a range of tools (many of which are free to use). It provides students (and staff) with a one stop catalogue of tools that can be used to enhance learning and teaching. Open a web browser and visit

The Hub

The Hub is a public place for University community news and discussion. To find out how to access and contribute to the Hub visit our Adding posts to the Hub guide

Useful Links

Marjon Digital Skills Help

Marjon TELKit

Study Skills 

Technical FAQs

2019 Welcome pages on the website


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Helen Baker

Head of Digital Innovation

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