Otter: Speech to text AI tool

Thanks to a recommendation from staff here at Marjon, we have learned about a new online tool called, which will automatically convert live speech into text.

We think this is a great tool and it has many benefits, such as:

  • You can use on your mobile device like a dictaphone to instantly capture speech, no need to ever write notes again!
  • Great for interviews, no shorthand, no scribbling frantically!
  • Captured audio/speech can be edited for more accurate notes and downloaded as a PDF, text, rich text file, Microsoft Word file
  • You can export any capture into SRT captions format, this can be added to any video (for accessibility purposes via Panopto or YouTube for example)
  • Great for meetings (you can separate different speakers in the capture)
  • Convert any video into text (as long as the video contains speech)

The major and biggest benefit is saving time, particularly with large recordings or long interviews/presentations.

Watch a demonstration of the tool below:

Please note:
Free Otter accounts allow for 600 minutes per month, at 600 mins you will not be able to transcribe until the next month.


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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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