Edublogs: Embedding your Powerpoint video presentation

Have you tried to upload your recorded Powerpoint presentation into Edublogs, only to find that the file size is too big?

There are two potential options that you can try to fix the issue and this post will take you though both. (note, here are instructions on how to record your Powerpoint to capture your voice in your presentation)

Fix number 1

Lowering the file size of your captured Powerpoint video

  1. Download a program from the internet called Handbrake:
  2. Open the program once installed on your computer
  3. Click on ‘File – Open a single video file.’
  4. Select your .mp4 video presentation file
  5. Click on ‘Browse’ for the destination (where you want the conversion to be saved)
  6. Click on the ‘Start Encode’ button
  7. Upload the converted file to Edublogs (hopefully it’s lower than 50mb)

Watch a short screencast to see how this works

Fix number 2

Upload your Powerpoint video into Microsoft Stream

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your standard Marjon username and password

3. Click on ‘All apps’

All apps link

4. Select the app called ‘Stream’


5. Next, click on ‘+ Create’ > ‘Upload video’

6. Either drag the video file into the window or ‘browse’ to find it from your computer

7. The video will upload > Check the permissions are enabled to allow everyone in your company to view this video

8. Click on ‘Publish now’

9. Once the video has been uploaded visit the video by going to ‘My Content’ > Videos

10. Click on the video and then click on ‘Share’

11. Select the ‘Embed’ tab > click on the ‘Responsive’ flicker button

Embed video

12. ‘Copy’ the code

13. Go into your Edublogs site and find the page where you want your video to appear

14. Click into the editor at the point where you want the video to be and then click on the ‘Text’ tab

15. Paste in the code you copied earlier and ‘Update’ the page or post

You should now have an embedded video on your Edublog site (in terms of who sees this video, this is determined by the class you joined – if you have concerns about privacy contact your tutor)

Watch a short screencast below to see how this works

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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