Microsoft Teams: Collaborate, engage and manage

What is Microsoft Teams and what’s in it for me?

Microsoft Teams, is part of the suite of tools available via the Office 365 online platform.  It is a cloud-based tool for collaborating as part of a team for engagement across documents and media.  It’s also a space where you can engage in dialogue between team members and share/co-create content.  Teams can be downloaded and a notifications system enabled to alert you when there is new activity or conversation as part of the team.  Another useful feature is the ‘Meet now’ facility, which opens up a live call between team members. This can be used with a webcam, headset and microphone or available audio device.

Microsoft Teams is a platform that is available to all staff at Marjon, available through Office 365.

We think Teams is a great platform for coordinating activities, which all work seamlessly with other Microsoft online programs like Excel, Word & Powerpoint.

I’d like to have a team please – how do I go about it?

If you’d like to try teams, please contact a member of the Digital Innovation Team and they will setup your team for you in the first instance.

Contact: – call: 5673

Okay, I have Teams – now what?  How do I use this?

Firstly, login to your Office 365 account, by visiting this link:

1. You should see a link to Teams (if not click on the All Apps link)

teams icon

2. Click on the link and you should see the team created by Digital Innovation for you
3. Click on the team link to get into the team.

Managing your team and adding other members

1. You can manage team members and other members by heading to the three dots icon

Dots menu

2. Click on the ‘Manage team’ link
3. To add new members to the team, select the ‘Add member’ link

Add member button

4. Search for the member of staff by starting to type their name > Then click on ‘Add’


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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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