How to access Microsoft Teams to have conversations with students and colleagues

To access Microsoft Teams and be able to speak with students and staff, you should follow the below steps:

1. From your browser, visit Microsoft Office online. (

2. Click on the ‘Sign in’ button and enter your standard Marjon email address and password

3. You’ll be logged into your account online and you should see a number of Microsoft icons – click on ‘Teams’

Microsoft Teams list of tools

4. You should now be logged into Teams and you can call students and colleagues

To call students or staff

1. To make a call to a student or colleague head to ‘Call’

2. Start typing the student number in the ‘Make a call’ box

screenshot showing make a call

3. Select the student or colleague then click on the call button

Make a call icon

4. This will instigate the call and once the call has been received by the person you are calling you should be able to speak, just like a normal telephone conversation

screenshot showing calling

5. Should you wish to include text chat, click on the message icon

screenshot showing conversation

6. To hangup just click on the red telephone icon

How to schedule a meeting in Teams for online seminars

1. Open Teams and click on the calendar icon, from the left-hand side

2. Then click on the + button at the top-right of the page

Screenshot showing schedule meeting icon

3. Click on ‘Schedule meeting’ > Enter a title for the meeting

4. In the ‘Add required attendees’ box start typing the name(s) of the people you want to include in the meeting and click on their email link

Screenshot showing invite link

5. Enter the date/time and further details as required and when you are happy click on the ‘Send’ button – top-right

6. Click Send –  the recipient(s) will receive an email with a ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link

7. The scheduled meeting will now appear in your calendar. If you click the entry and scroll down you will see that a Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link that has been generated.

screenshot of Teams meeting settings

8. Right click ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ and copy link/copy link address


To share the Teams meeting link with students

  1. Go to your LS module page, click announcements/news forum and add a new topic
  2. Enter details of the online seminar, highlight ‘click this link to join’ and click the hyperlink icon

Screenshot of announcements post

  1. Paste the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link into the link URL
  2. Target – change to open in new window
  3. Click the insert button
  4. Scroll down and click Post to Forum

Students can then click the link to join the online seminar at the given date/time. This will be available in announcements and they will also receive an email notification of the new post


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