Panopto – How to install the desktop app and record a lecture from home

If you need to deliver a lecture from home you can use the Panopto desktop recorder to either pre record a lecture (making it available to students at the usual lecture time) or deliver a live webcast for students to join.  This guide will take you through the steps needed to use each method of delivery.

Download and install the Panopto recorder

  1. Login to LearningSpace and go to your module page
  2. Click ‘Course settings’ in the REPLAY block
  3. Close the window that opens
    Screen shot showing the window that needs to be closed
  4. Click the  Download Panopto icon (located in the far right corner
    Screenshot of Download Panopto icon
  5. Select the installer for the operating system that you use (Windows or Mac)

Go to your download folder, click the Panopto.exe and follow onscreen instructions
Screenshot of panopto exe file

How to record a lecture and make it available via the REPLAY block on the module page

Equipment required

If you are using a  laptop with built in webcam then the internal microphone should be fine

If you are using an older laptop or computer, you will need to connect a headset with microphone

Recording your lecture

1. Double click the Panopto icon on your desktop to launch the recorder

2. Click ‘sign in with LearningSpace’

3. Enter your Marjon username and password

Once logged in you will be automatically taken to the Panopto recording screenScreenshot of panopto desktop recorder

4. Click on the ‘folder’ icon to select where to save your recording. You will see a list of folder names for each of your LS modules that are set up for use with Panopto. Select a folder – i.e. the
module that the lecture is for

6. Enter a name for your recording – e.g. Lecture – date – module code

7. Check that audio from your webcam or headset with mic has been recognised

8. If you are delivering a PowerPoint, click the Capture PowerPoint checkbox and select Start presenting when recording starts
Screenshot showing selected audio device      Screenshot showing 'start capture when powerpoint starts'

9. Click the red RECORD button to start your recording

10. Talk through each slide pressing enter to advance through animations and slides

The record button will have been replaced by STOP and PAUSE buttons

Screenshot of recording complete message

11. Click Done

12. The Manage recordings window will open and display the status of your recording – i.e. uploaded recordings – make sure your recording appears in the uploaded recordings list before closing            the desktop recorder

Mac users

The Panopto desktop app for Macs is slightly different in that you need to press/click the record button and then start your slide show.  Panopto have a useful guide that takes you through the steps

Panopto: How to record with Panopto for Mac




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