Important considerations when creating and running Team meetings/sessions

When creating a new meeting/session in Teams, there are a number of important considerations you should be aware of. One is how you can set presenting rights for the meeting/session, two is how to record and the third is how to add students to a Teams capture.  You should also ensure that if you use Teams to record a session or lecture, you should download this and upload it to the relevant Panopto module folder so that we can maintain a familiar experience for students accessing the recordings.

[How to download a Teams recording, then make this available in the relevant Panopto module folder]
[How to add students to a Teams video (if students are unable to view the Teams recording after)]

How to setup presenting access for a meeting or session

1. Select the time for the meeting in the calendar
2. Title the meeting and invite any recipients who need be on the meeting
3. Save the meeting as you normally would
4. Go back into the meeting invite and select Meeting Options:

screenshot showing meeting options

5. You should then select who can present.

  • Leaving this to Everyone or People in my organization will allow any participant the following permissions: Record, Screen share, Document share, mute other participants
  • Setting to Specific people will allow you to choose who has the permissions above.
  • Setting to Only me will limit those permissions to yourself. Attendees can then participate in the call via voice, video, chat and view any shared content.

Once you join the meeting or session as the organiser you are able to “promote” attendees to Presenter once in the meeting if required.

Screenshot showing options

1. From within the meeting, click to show the participants
2. Click the … next to the person you want to be able to present and select the option Make a presenter (note you may need to select ‘make attendee first’)
3. To change a person from presenter to attendee, select the option Make an attendee:

Screenshot showing make an attendee option

Recording meetings/sessions

If you do need to record a meeting or presentation, please take note of the following:

1. Please ensure that you always stop the recording BEFORE you hang up the meeting/session
2. You can do this by selecting the … icon and selecting ‘stop recording’

Screenshot showing stop record option

3. You can then end the meeting/session by clicking on the red telephone button
4. Please ask your attendees to ensure that they have also hung up the call as well once the meeting/session has ended
5. Any recording that you made will then appear in the chat area. The video capture will take time to process, when it has it will be available to watch

Watch a video tutorial to see how

Download a Word document covering the above instructions

How to download a Teams recording, then make this available in the relevant Panopto module folder

Important! If you have used Teams to record a session rather than using the Panopto desktop recorder, please ensure that you download the Teams recording and upload this to the relevant module folder in Panopto – thank you!

To find out how to download your recorded Teams videos and upload to the relevant Panopto module folder, please watch the below tutorial.

How to add students to a Teams video (if students are unable to view the Teams recording after)

If you have students that have not been able to attend a Microsoft Teams session online, or they can’t access the recording link this video tutorial will help you to add students to the video to provide the relevant permissions for them to be able to access it.

Please do not enable the checkbox ‘Allow everyone in your company to view this video’ as the whole organisation will be able to see potentially sensitive conversations via searching Microsoft Stream.

Screenshot shows allow permissions box

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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