Recording your Powerpoint presentation with narration

1. Connect a headset with microphone to your laptop/PC

2. Open your completed PowerPoint

3. Click Slide Show – Record Slide Show – Click the downward arrow ‘Record Slide Show’ and select ‘Record from beginning’

Record slides tool

4. A preview screen will appear as below

5. Select ‘Settings’ and check that your microphone headset is selected correctly and press the record button

Example of record view Powerpoint

6. If you wish you can capture your web camera, but disable the camera to stop capturing your web camera (note the avatar icon is just a preview of your camera, this will not stop your camera from recording)

Powerpoint recording tools

7. Talk through the slides. If you have animations on the slide click to advance them

8. To go to the next slide, click the right-hand arrow to advance to the next slide

9. To pause the recording, just click on the ‘Record’ button and it will pause. Re-start the recording by pressing the record button again

10. When you have finished recording, simply click on the stop button

  • When you have finished recording your presentation, you’ll notice a speaker icon on each slide that shows audio has been added
  • When you click the speaker icon a play bar appears for you to playback your slide audio
  • If you want to clear your narration and start again – go to Record Slide Show – Clear – and select from options to clear narration on current slide or all slides
  • Play slide show from beginning will play slide show with narration

(If you are using Office 2016, after you have completed recording, just click on the X to exit the recording window.  To playback, go to Slideshow > From Beginning. To clear narration or timings, go to ‘Record Slide Show > Clear

To see how to record video in an earlier version of Powerpoint 2016, there is a helpful video tutorial available on YouTube.

Note: If you need to upload your presentation to Panopto, you must save your recorded slides in a usable format, preferably .mp4

To save your presentation with narration as a video:

  • Click File – Save as and select Windows Media Video (.mp4 or if not available .wmv)
  • (If using Office 2016, go to File > Save as > Select the folder to save to and select .mp4 file type and save
  • If using a Mac – please save as a .mov or .mp4 video format
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