Speechnotes & IBM Watson Speech to Text

Speechnotes & IBM Watson are two tools that I have found, which offer the ability to convert speech into text for free.  The tools offer different options, for example Speechnotes is well designed and picks up speech seamlessly.  IBM Watson Speech to Text is a useful tool for uploading audio files, which it will convert into text. (Can also be used as a live speech to text tool)


The great thing about Speechnotes is that there is no account creation and no downloading – it works straight from your browser.  Simply head to https://speechnotes.co/.

Make sure you use a headset and microphone for the best experience with the tool because if you use a web cam, or speakers to capture your voice this will pick up background noise and could limit the effectiveness of the tool. (screenshot below shows the home page and instructions on how to start)

Speechnotes screenshot

The tool only seems to work in the Google Chrome browser at the moment, so please use Google if you want a good experience.

To begin with you may be slightly confused because the above text still displays as you speak, but you should see smaller text appear above, which will overflow the example text.  Don’t worry as once you stop the recording the above text disappears to leave your speech converted to text.

There are useful voice commands for grammar, so if you say ‘comma’ it will add a comma and not the word ‘comma’.

The tools on the left-hand side offer options to save the text, or download it as a Word or Text file.

Download as

Watch a video demonstration of the tool being used below.

IBM Watson Speech to Text

This speech to text tool is another alternative to Speechnotes, you can capture audio directly from your microphone.  It can also be used to upload audio files and it will process them into text, which Speechnotes can’t do.  Speechnotes probably provides a more accurate translation from speech to text, so if you use this you may prefer to use the upload audio feature.

Watch a video demonstration of this tool in action below.

If you found this post of interest, you may like to explore another post about Otter.ai – which is a fully functioning speech to text tool.  You can get a free account with 600 minutes a month, but I believe uploads are limited to x3 per month.

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