Teams: NEW features – raise hand, manage presenters & download attendance list

Teams have recently provided three updates for the tool, which provide greater functionality within a live session.

[Raised hand] [Manage presenters] [Download attendee list]

Raised hand

The raise hand option is now available on the toolbar and it allows students to virtually ‘raise their hand’ within a session.  When they activate this a notification is sent to the organiser of the session/meeting and a number will appear above the participants icon on the toolbar.  As the organiser this feature could be really useful if you’re busy delivering a presentation, but not able to keep an eye on the text conversations.

screenshot showing raised hand

If you click on participants icon, you can then lower the student’s hand once you have answered their question.

screenshot showing lowering hand

tip: You may wish to structure your online Teams lecture by starting with an introduction to the tool & online etiquette (for example switching off mic/video during presentations to limit background noise) – letting students know about raising their hand will help minimise disruption for attendees.

Manage presenters

When creating any online meeting you can restrict who can record and present.  This is particularly important in terms of ensuring that your presentations and online meetings run smoothly.  You can set this up prior to a session by following the guidance in this post: Important considerations when creating and running team sessions/meetings

Or, you can now change this on the fly whilst in a live session.  Follow the steps below:

1. Click on the participants icon on the toolbar
2. There is a ‘manage permission’ icon – with a tick and a cross, click on this

managing permissions

This will open a new browser tab with further options.

3. On the ‘who can present’ drop-down, select ‘only me’ and ‘save’

screenshot showing only me option

4. When you have saved the correct permissions, close the tab in the browser.

Screenshot showing closed tab

This ensures that students are unable to present or record.

Download attendance list

During a session, or when it has finished and all participants or students have left, you can access the full attendee list from the participants area.  This will download an Excel document, with details of the activity from the session.

1. To do this, click on the participants area on the toolbar
2. Select the download button

screenshot showing download option

Watch the below screencast tutorial video to find out more

If you have any questions, please email

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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