Edublogs: Can’t join the class?

If you have the task of creating a blog as part of your module assessment, then hopefully you’ll have access to a guide as well as the resources available from this site, particularly the Edublog Starter guide.  What happens when you can’t join the class or the option doesn’t seem to be available?

There are some common reasons why:

  • Your blog is still attached to an old class, or a class from a prior year
  • You’re not sure which site you’re working on and there isn’t an option

To help with the second reason, you should take a look at another post about How to navigate the platform.

In terms of the first reason, if you’re seeing the below screenshot – then your blog is still attached to an old class.  In general students create new blogs for new different modules, but you may decide that a blog you’ve already created is suitable to continue using and developing.  If that’s the case then please contact me and let me know the issue you’re having.  I will be able to move your blog from the old class and into the new one.

view class option

Watch the below video to see how.

Contact for further support.

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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