The Scheduler Activity

The scheduler activity allows you to schedule tutorial slots that students can then book. If you have weekly tutorials it can be set to recurring and will create time slots for the day(s) and times specified within the start and end date that you select.

If you have a recurring Teams meeting set up for tutorials, the Join Meeting Code link can be pasted into the Scheduler introduction box for students to click to join the meeting on the day/time they have booked. In the example below, a scheduler has been set up for students to book one-one tutorial slots that take place each Tuesday.

Setting up the Scheduler

  1. On your LearningSpace module page, click the cog icon (top right) and Turn editing on
  2. Go to the section that you want to add the Scheduler to
  3. Click add activity or resource and select Scheduler
  4. Enter a name and introduction

In the options section:

  1. Enter the name of the tutor
  2. Select how many appointments students can select – e.g. in the example used, recurring tutorial slots are available each Tuesday and students can book one appointment slot at a time. Once the student has attended the appointment and the tutor marks the student ‘as seen’ they can book another appointment.
  3. Notifications – if set to Yes, tutors and students will receive notifications when appointments are booked or cancelled
  4. Click Save and Display

Adding appointment slots

  1. Click the cog icon to add slots.
  2. If you are setting up a recurring booking e.g. the time slots will be available on the same day every week, select add repeated slots

repeated slots

  1. Select a start and end date and check the Enable checkbox

start and end date settings

  1. Select the day(s) of the week that tutorials will take place

image showing days of the week selected

  1. Then select the time range

time range setting

  1. Divide into slots? – Set this to Yes
  2. Duration – enter the time in minutes of each slot – e.g. 20
  3. Break between slots – enter a time in minutes – e.g. 5
  4. Maximum number of students per slot – set to one for 1 – 1 tutorials
  1. Location – Enter a room number or if the tutorials are taking place online, enter MS Teams
  2. Select a teacher for the appointment
  3. Display slot to students from – select from the available options
  4. Email a reminder – select from the available options
  5. Click Save changes
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