LearningSpace: Course overview update

With a recent update to LearningSpace (23rd June, 2020) you will notice that the look of the platform has been updated.

One of the changes is an update to the course overview block within your dashboard on LearningSpace.

Note: If the course overview block does not automatically appear in your dashboard, please follow the below steps first:

1. Go to your dashboard in LearningSpace

2. Click on ‘Customise this page’

image showing customise this page

3. Scroll down the left-hand side of the screen and click on ‘Add a block’

image showing add a block

4. Select the ‘course overview’ block from the list

5. This is likely to add the block to the right-hand side of your screen.  To move it click and hold down the left mouse button and drag the block over to the main area as below:

Image showing course overview block

The updated block does not automatically show your ‘in-progress, past and future’ courses and it will default with the ‘Card view’ as show in the below screenshot:

image showing the card view mode

To show your ‘in-progress, past and future’ courses click on the above ‘All (except removed from view)’ drop-down menu and this will reveal options to access those as below:

image showing drop-down menu options

For those staff that previously used the ‘Legacy Course Overview’ block, this is no no longer available.

The new course overview block will allow staff to ‘star’ any course as a favourite (in the same way as the legacy block).  To do this click on the more options icon on the course that you want to favourite – the icon looks like three dots as highlighted below and select ‘Star this course’.

image showing star this course option

You can star as many courses as you like.  To access all your starred courses, click on the drop-down menu ‘All (except removed from view)’ and select ‘Starred’

Image showing starred courses

In addition, you can ‘remove from view’ individual courses by clicking on more options.

image showing remove from view

To view all ‘removed from view’ courses select the drop-down menu:

image showing removed from view

You can restore any courses ‘removed from view’ by accessing more options:

image showing restore view

You can also add a new ‘starred courses’ block to the right-hand side of your LearningSpace dashboard by clicking on ‘customise this page’ within your dashboard and then selecting ‘starred courses’ as shown in the screenshots below:

image showing customise button

image showing add block button

image showing starred courses

starred courses block

Tip: The course overview can also contain an image for the module by visiting the course settings and adding an image of 880px by 560px (viewable in ‘card’ or ‘summary’ view)

To find out more about the course overview update, please watch the below video tutorial

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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