LearningSpace: How to embed a form into your page

If you need a quick way to embed a questionnaire or quiz into your LearningSpace page, then one method that could be of value is to use the embed function within Microsoft Forms.

To find out how to do this, watch the below screencast tutorial or follow the instructions:

1. Login to your Office.com account by visiting http://www.office.com

2. Click on the link to ‘Forms’

Link to forms

3. Select ‘New quiz’ and click on the ‘untitled’ area at the top to rename your quiz

Untitled section

4. Click on ‘Add new’ to add your first question

Screenshot showing add new button

5. Select ‘Choice’ (this is a very basic tutorial to demonstrate a quiz, we’ll add more extensive guidelines on using forms in future)

Screenshot showing a basic question

6. Enter the question as ‘Do you like chocolate?’ > Then click on ‘Add option’ > Inside the options add ‘yes, maybe and no’ as below:

example of question options

7. Set whether you wish the question to be mandatory and if you want to assign points for a correct answer

example of further options

8. Now click on the ‘Share’ button (top right-hand corner)

Example share button

9. Select the ‘Embed’ icon and click on ‘Copy’

Example of embedding

10. Now head back into your LearningSpace page and find the section where you want to embed the Microsoft form. (the video uses a label, but anywhere with a content box can be used)

11. When you are in the correct location, select the code icon (note you may need to toggle the toolbar open)

example code button

12. A HTML code box will pop open > Paste in the previously copied code from step 9 and then click on ‘Update’

Example of pasted code

13. Then click on ‘Save and return to course’

Save and return to course button


If you need to review responses then head back into your form via www.office.com > forms and when editing the form, there is a tab for ‘Responses’

Responses tab

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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