Replay/Panopto: Editing a captured session

Panopto will enable you to edit any captured session, this post will show you the basics of trimming sections in your recording.

1. To access a recording quickly, simply head to the LearningSpace module page and click on ‘course settings’ within the Replay block

course settings block

2. This will take you into Panopto (note you may need to login)

3. Close down the Course Settings box

4. You should see all the videos associated with the module

5. For the video that you need to edit, hover your mouse over it and select ‘Edit’

Editing button

6. This will take you into the Panopto editor

7. If you need to trim sections in the video, simply click into the sine wave section (in the middle) and drag to the location where you want to cut.

screenshot showing cuts

8. You can make as many cuts as you like in the timeline and when you are ready, just click on the ‘Apply’ button.  (Note: nothing is deleted, this process simply leaves out the sections you cut.  You can always return to the editor and make further updates or ‘Revert’ as needed)

Apply button

9. The video will re-process and once ready, it will automatically be updated in the Replay block

Watch the below screencast tutorial to learn how to


If you use your ‘My folder’ area for adding video, make sure you check the ‘sharing’ settings for your video before posting it on your LearningSpace page

Sharing settings

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