Panopto: Setting up a live webcast

This guide has been created to help you to create live webcasts for your modules. Note, automated captures for all lectures will no longer be taking place, it is your responsibility to setup your own live lectures. A live webcast will enable remote students to access the live lecture from a located session.

How to create a webcast for your modules

1. Visit the LearningSpace module page for the module that you want to have a live webcast and select ‘Course Settings’ from the Replay block.

image showing the course settings lnik

2. You will be taken into Panopto (note ensure that you login) – close down the box that appears on screen.

Image showing close icon

3. Next select the ‘Create’ button and select ‘Webcast’.

Showing the webcast button

4. Give your lecture a name (module code+name+date+time) > Then select ‘Create’.

screenshot showing creating a capture

5. A pop-up box will appear, close this down for now and you should see the ‘shell’ of the webcast created.

showing the module name

6. If you wish, you can select the ‘Share’ button and copy the URL to the webcast. This can be used to add to an announcement for example.

7. The webcast is now ready to be activated. (note you can setup as many as you need for other modules, then you’ll always have them ready to go, just repeat the above steps for your other modules).

8. To activate and launch the webcast, select ‘Settings’.

showing the module settings

9. Scroll down the pop-up page and click on ‘Record’.

showing record option

10. Click on ‘Open Panopto Recorder’.

showing open panopto recorder button


The Panopto desktop recorder will open. Please take time to view the key below to show the functions of the tool.

Panopto webcast key

1. To disable the web camera, select the video drop-down and select ‘none’.

2. Leave the ‘Secondary Sources’ section as above.

3. When you are ready to present your PowerPoint presentation, select the ‘PowerPoint’ tab.

Showing the capture options

4 Then select the blue ‘Open a Presentation’ button.

5. Once you’ve opened your presentation, you’ll see a message. If you select ‘Yes’ the live webcast will start and the recording.

Begin recording message

Note: If you select no, the Presentation will not open full screen mode and you’ll need to click the record button to activate the session.

6. When you have completed your presentation navigate back to the desktop recorder (you can easily do this by exiting the PowerPoint and selecting the Panoto icon from your toolbar at the bottom of your screen).

Showing the toolbar

7. Stop the recording.

Showing the stop button

8. Click ‘Done’ on the success message.

Success message

9. You will then see the manage recordings area, to view your webcast click on the view link.

Showing the manage recordings area

10. To view your recordings in the module folder, simply click on the folder name (top left-hand corner).

Showing the my folder area in panopto

Student Perspective

Once you have started the recording, you may be concerned as to how your students watch the live lecture.

From the student perspective all they need to do is login to LearningSpace and visit the relevant module page and there should be a ‘Watch Live’ link in the Replay block as below:

Live webcast link

Note: Keep in mind that your remote students may experience a 10-15 second delay between the live broadcast. Although students can ask live questions in the discussion area, we would recommend holding discussions in Teams outside of the Panopto live webcast discussion feature.

When the live session has completed

After the session has been completed, it should appear in the ‘completed recordings area’ for the module – note if you need to edit the recording, but don’t want it to display immediately in the Replay block follow the below instructions:

1. Go to the video in Panopto > Select ‘Settings’.

Webcast settings

2. Scroll down the page until you see the availability section and adjust the settings as required.

Video tutorial

Watch the instructional video to learn more:

Downloadable Word guide

Download the accessible Word guide by following this link

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