How to include video audio when presenting

If you want to play a video whilst presenting in Teams to enable your viewers to hear the audio in the video, how do you do it?  Or indeed, if you want to pre-record a lecture in Panopto and include the audio from YouTube video?

There are several methods that you can use to play audio from a video whilst presenting and the below instructions will help you to ensure that a) your audience can hear any videos you play whilst presenting and b) that the audio is captured during a recording.

Microsoft Teams

1. When in a meeting, select the three dots icon at the top of the screen > Then select ‘Device settings’.

2. Ensure that the speaker settings are setup with your computer speaker system & your microphone is set to your web camera.

Microphone settings

The reason why this needs to be setup in this way is because you will be recording the output from your speakers, if your speaker settings are set to a headset for example, then the sound from a YouTube video will not be recorded.

3. Select the ‘share’ option.

The share option on videos

2. Click on the slider for ‘Include computer sound’.

Now if you record and play a YouTube video or video from another source, the audio from that video will be captured in the recording.


If you use either the webcast feature or the desktop recorder (opens anyway if recording a webcast) and you wish to play a video from YouTube or online.  You’ll need to enable the following settings:

Panopto audio settings

Make sure you double check the ‘Audio’ input. In the above example this is set to my web camera not my headset & mic.

Panopto capture

If you use Panopto to capture screencasts via the Panopto capture method then you need to enable the box in the screen sharing section as below:

Panopto capture settings

(access Panopto capture via – select ‘Create > Panopto Capture’)

Watch a video tutorial to learn more

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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