Panopto: How to include your laser pointer in recordings

If you want to include the laser pointer in your recordings using Panopto (or via Teams) – you should ensure that you share your desktop (Capture Main Screen) and not just your PowerPoint presentation. (Capture PowerPoint)

Note: to enable the laser pointer in PowerPoint, start your presentation, right click on your mouse and select ‘Pointer options > Laser pointer’

In the Panopto desktop recorder, ensure that the ‘capture main screen’ is checked – this will capture whatever you visit or view from your computer. It will also capture mouse movements and laser pointer movements.

capture the desktop screenshot

Note: if you select both ‘Capture PowerPoint & Capture Main Screen’ students will be able to select either source when playing back the video.  You may wish to just provide them with the ‘Capture Main Screen’ option.

Student playback

When students visit the recording on Panopto, if both Secondary Sources have been selected they will have the below options. (they should select ‘Screen’ to view mouse movements and laser pointer movement)

Panopto options

If you have only captured the main screen then ‘Slides & Screen’ will not appear – students will just see the output from Capture Main Screen. (probably preferable in these circumstances)

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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