Teams: How to include a web camera and presentation slides

In Teams, if you present your desktop or an application, like a PowerPoint presentation, this will fill the screen space for the viewer or attendee.  Some lecturers have wanted to include their web camera and their presentation at the same time.  Is this possible?

The answer is yes, but it involves some organising – the below steps will show you how to setup your PowerPoint, so that it is a movable window on your desktop and also how to enable your native computer web camera app. (On most new Windows machines this is an app called ‘Camera’.

1. Firstly we need to setup the PowerPoint presentation, so open your presentation up in PowerPoint.

2. Then click on ‘Slide show’ > ‘Setup Slideshow’.

screenshot showing setup slideshow

3. Now select the option for ‘Browse by an individual window’ > Select ‘OK’.

Browse by individual window

4. Now select ‘Present from beginning’

Present from the start

5. Your presentation in PowerPoint can now be moved and the window resized on the screen.  Click on the double window icon (top right-hand corner of the screen) > Then hover your mouse cursor over the edge, then you’ll see the arrow change to a diagonal double ended arrow > Click and drag the window to resize it.  (ensure that there’s enough available space to show a web camera app on the screen, which we’ll go through in the next steps)

6. For Windows, select the Start menu, then click on the ‘Camera’ app (for Mac look for Quick camera, or search your Apple store for a native web camera app)

showing the camera app

7. Your native web camera should now display on screen > Click and resize the web camera display and move the window until it is visually acceptable (similar to the below screenshot)

Video and PowerPoint showing on screen

8. Now head into your Teams meeting and when sharing your screen, select to share the ‘Desktop’ as below

Share the entire screen

9. Navigate from Teams to your desktop, until you see the same view as step .7 (You can simply select the minimise icon from within Teams & minimise any other open programs)

Minimise button

10. If you are recording the session, student will see your presentation and your web camera (note, you may need to disable your web camera in Teams from device settings) – students will also see the above view from step .7 during the live session broadcast.

Watch a screencast tutorial below to find out more


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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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