Panopto: Sharing options

This post will explain how you can share Panopto captures externally and detail how the system is configured.

All module captures (either synchronous or asynchronous) should be setup using the desktop Panopto recorder and the appropriate module folder selected:

Folder capture in Panopto

The permissions are setup for module captures to allow only those enrolled on the module access to them.

If you need to make module captures available externally for any reason, then you should follow the below guidance.  (Note, within Panopto you have a ‘My Folder’ space. This is your personal space and any recordings you upload to this space can be shared however you like and are unrestricted.)

To share module recordings externally

To be able to share module captures externally, you’ll need to make a copy of the capture to your ‘My Folder’ space in Panopto.

1. Visit the LearningSpace module page then click on ‘Course Settings’ from the Replay block.

course settings block

2. Close down the pop-up box that appears (you may need to login first).

3. Hover your mouse over the module video that you want to make available externally and check the box.

Panopto permissions

4. Next click on the ‘Copy’ button above

Copy options

5. A pop-up box will appear > Click on the drop-down (copy a folder or start typing to search) > Select ‘My Folder’

Select my folder

6. Click on the ‘Copy button’

7. Navigate to your ‘My Folder’ in Panopto by using the left-hand menu

Image showing the my folder area

8. Find the copied module capture and hover your mouse over it > Select ‘Share’

screenshot showing the sharing options

9. Click where it says ‘Specific people’ > Then select an appropriate option (we’d recommend ‘Anyone with the link, unlisted’ for external viewing)

image showing who has access

10. Save changes

image showing save changes

Tip: You can also use Panopto and your ‘My Folder’ space to upload any videos you have and make them available as well as Teams recordings. (View the Academic Sharepoint site essential skills space for more details)

Sharing your ‘My Folder’ videos to specific people

To share your ‘My Folder’ videos only with specific people, follow the below instructions:

1. From your ‘My Folder’ space, select ‘Share’ from a video you want to share to a specific person or multiple people.

2. Enter the email address in the ‘Invite People’ box > Then click on the emboldened email address

Invite email screenshot

3. This should open up a message box > Enter a message if you wish and then click on ‘Send and save changes’

screenshot showing the save button

Watch a video to learn more

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