Difficulty accessing Teams recordings?

Are your students contacting you to say that they can’t access Teams recordings?

This could be due to a couple of reasons:

1. The student(s) may not be members of the module team.

You can easily check this, by visiting the module Team and clicking on the three dots adjacent to the Team name:

teams acccess

2. To add a student to your team, either select the above step 1 and then select ‘Add member’ or within the ‘Manage team’ area select the blue ‘Add member’ button.

If the student is a member of the module team, but still can’t see the recording, this could be due to them not being logged into their Marjon account. Students can check this by visiting www.office.com and by clicking the top right-hand corner of the screen on their avatar.  This will show which account they are logged into. (if they are logged into a personal account, they will need to log out and login with their Marjon account)

profile account

If your students are still having issues you should contact digitalinnovation@marjon.ac.uk

All members of your module team will have access to the recordings, but you can also directly add users to recordings by visiting the recording permissions as below:

1. Go to your module Team > find the recording and click on it (or if from your personal calendar, visit the chat space where you made the recording)

how to access recordings

2. Your recording will open within the Team SharePoint space (or in your personal OneDrive, if you created the meeting outside of your module team) > Click on the ‘Share’ button.

How to access sharing

3. Next click on the three dots (more options) link and select ‘Manage access’

Access the permmissions

4. If the recording was made from the module team, it should automatically be configured with access granting member viewing rights as below:

access permissions

5. If recorded via your personal calendar, then the permissions will appear as below and any invited participants should show in the ‘People you specify can view’ area as below

People you specify

6. Clicking on the downward facing arrow in the above example will show invited access.

7. If you need to add any Marjon account holders to the recording (either a Teams module recording or a meeting made from a personal calendar), click on the + button for Direct access as below: (set access to ‘Can view’ > Enter email address > Click ‘Grant access’)

granting access

Watch a tutorial video to find out more:

Direct link to video

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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