Microsoft Teams: Teams recording bug & how to fix

[Note: classroom computers may not be updated with this update – please check with Computing Services, if you have any concerns]

Recently, Microsoft updated the location of where Teams recordings are stored from Microsoft Stream to the team SharePoint site.  We believe that this has caused an intermittent issue with some module teams and recordings made. The issue shows the recording with an error message, as below.

teams bug

We would highly recommend that you download any recordings with the above error message and upload them to the module Panopto Replay block before the expiry date elapses. 

How to resolve the above issue

To fix this issue, you will need to ensure you follow the steps provided below:

1. Visit the teams channel where you are receiving the error message as above

2. At the top of the Teams space, click on ‘File’

Files menu

3. Click on ‘New’ and select ‘Folder’

New folder

4. Enter the following name as below ‘Recordings’ (note this must be exactly the same)


5. Click on ‘Create’

This should fix any subsequent issues with recordings and they should record and be accessible to students in both the Teams channel chat and the files area.

recordings folder

Below screenshot shows recording without the error:

no error message


Watch a video tutorial to find out more

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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