Microsoft Teams: External access guide

This guide has been produced to help external attendees access a meeting or event at Marjon. (note: if you already have the Teams app and a Microsoft account, join using the app)

The event organiser may either invite you directly into the event/meeting or provide a joining link. If you have received an email invitation, you should see a joining link.  (or you will be emailed by the organiser with a joining link)

The email invitation if you receive one, will look like the following:

showing joining link

1. When you are ready to join the meeting/event, click on the joining link as above (or the link emailed to you by the event organiser)

2. A new browser window will open.  (At this point, if you have already downloaded the Teams app and registered a Microsoft account, you will receive an on-screen prompt to open the app)

3. Select the middle option presented on-screen to ‘Continue on this browser’ (selecting the top option will mean that you will need to register a new Microsoft account)

external access

4. After you click on the middle option you should be taken to the joining screen, where you should enter your name in the box. (It is always good practice to disable your microphone and web camera before joining the meeting)

5. When you are ready to join click on ‘Join now’

External joining instructions

6. When the organiser is ready and the meeting/event is due to start they will approve your request to join and you will join the meeting/event

Watch a video tutorial to learn more

Link to above tutorial

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