SharePoint/OneDrive document access & embedding

[Note: some of the guidance here may not align with classroom laptops depending on whether these systems have the latest updates, if you have any concerns please contact Computing Services]

Access to documents and permissions can often be a little confusing when you need to share a document from OneDrive or a SharePoint space.  This guide has been written to try and help explain access and how you can make it work for a number of possibilities.

In terms of module Teams any files added to a module team and indeed any recordings will be saved to the module team SharePoint space.

Any documents you upload or create online in the cloud are saved to your own personal OneDrive space.


Any document or presentation created in the cloud via will be saved into your personal OneDrive space.  By default the sharing options for any OneDrive document will display as ‘anyone with the link can view’.  If you need to setup specific access to documents created or uploaded to your personal OneDrive space then you will need to change the access permissions.  This could be if you need to collaborate with colleagues an co-create documents.

1. Go to

2. Go to OneDrive


3. Find the document that you want to share with colleagues and select the three dots

4. Click on ‘Share’ > Then select the permissions bar as below and chose ‘Specific Access’

Share options

Share options

Sharing options

Note: If you want your colleagues to be able to co-collaborate then check the box ‘Allow editing’

5. When you are ready click on ‘Apply’

6. Enter the email address for the person you wish to share the document with and repeat this to add in further colleagues.  Then click on ‘Send’ (include a description, if you wish to add a message)

Sharing options

7. Your colleagues should receive an email notification with a link to the online document


If you select the three dots and click on ‘Manage access’ against any OneDrive files – you can see who has direct access.


sharing setting

Module Teams

In terms of module teams, any files added to a module team will be uploaded to the module SharePoint site.  All students listed as members of the module team will have access to any files uploaded to the team, plus recordings made.

We recommend uploading any additional files, such as presentations and Word documents to the ‘Files’ area for the module team rather than using your personal OneDrive space. This is because if you use your personal OneDrive space, you will need to add individual access permission to students.

Uploading files to your module team

1. Visit your module team in Teams

2. Visit the ‘Files’ tab at the top (or any other appropriate channel where you wish to add your files)

One drive access

3. You can create folders by using the ‘+ New’ drop-down menu – or simply upload your files to the space by selecting the ‘Upload’ option

The above method is quicker and more efficient if you have documents that you want only those students on the module to be able to have access.

Watch a video to learn how

Embedding documents from the cloud

If you wish, you can embed documents from you OneDrive space, follow the steps below to learn how.

1. When viewing the live document select ‘File’ > ‘Share’ > ‘Embed’

2. Copy the Embed code and paste this into the code view area within any LearningSpace topic using the editor

Watch a video tutorial to see how

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