Panopto: Capturing Presentations using Panopto Capture

Panopto Capture, is a browser-based screen capture tool.  This tool can be used to capture anything on your screen, including your PowerPoint presentation.  This guide will show you how to use it and makes for a useful alternative should you experience any issues with the Desktop Recorder.

Capturing your PowerPoint presentation

1. Login to Panopto, by visiting: (use your Marjon credentials)

2. Determine where you would like to capture your presentation by either selecting your ‘My folder’ space (this is your personal Panopto space, useful for capturing and uploading tutorial videos or teaching resources) – or browse to the location of the module page, if you wish to have your recording saved to a specific module.

Panopto space

3. Next, select the ‘Create’ button and click on ‘Panopto Capture’

4. You should see a similar view to the below screenshot (more detailed explanation will be provided in the video tutorial)

Panopto capture space

5. If you don’t want to display your web camera, click on the ‘Video’ option and then click into the screen to deactivate it


6. Check your audio settings are set to the correct microphone, then open up your PowerPoint presentation

7. Next, click on the ‘Screen Sharing Settings’ and select the middle tab ‘Application Window’

8. You should see a number of open boxes displaying the applications you have open on your computer. Find the PowerPoint window and click on it > Then select ‘Share’ (note there are a number of screen sharing options, the default is set to ‘Your entire screen’ this would be useful for capturing your presentation and anything else you wanted to present. Note, selecting only one application window will only capture that window)

Share screen

9. Note, you will automatically be taken to your presentation > Instead of presenting the PowerPoint go back into the Panopto Capture tool and click on the record button (the 5 second countdown will activate)

10. Navigate back to your presentation and tap the F5 button or go to ‘Slide Show’ > ‘From Beginning’

11. When you have completed your presentation, go back into the Panopto Capture tool and stop the recording.  Wait until you see the success message before closing the window or your presentation may not upload correctly or at all

Safe to exit


If you need to not only capture your PowerPoint presentation but also want to capture a YouTube video for instance, then you’ll need to select the ‘Your Entire Screen’ mode when screen sharing. This will enable you to navigate from your PowerPoint to the YouTube video.  Then other important point is SOUND. To be able to capture the sound output from the YouTube video and enable your audience to hear that sound, you will need to ensure that the ‘Share audio’ box is checked.  You will also need to ensure that you have set your web camera as your microphone and the output sound from the YouTube video will need to be outwardly playing from your computer speakers. (more detail will be covered in the instructional tutorial video below)

Watch the instructional tutorial video to learn how

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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