Mahara: How to download all files

As of September 2021 you will be using a new portfolio system called Mosaic which is a replacement for both BlueSky and Mahara.

To prepare for this it is important that you download any files that you have uploaded to Mahara so that you have a copy and can later upload them to the new portfolio system if required.

Files can be downloaded from Mahara in a few simple steps. Watch the short video or follow the guidance beneath it.

Access Mahara

  1. Login to LearningSpace
  2. Click the Mahara tile
  3. Click ‘Content’ and select ‘Files’
    mahara content and files screenshot

Download Mahara Files

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your files area
  2. Click ‘Download folder content as a zip file’

This will download all files that you have uploaded to any portfolios you have.


image of Mahara files area

Locate, rename and move your Mahara zip folder

  1. Open your Downloads folder
  2. Right click and rename ‘folder – home’ to something more meaningful – e.g. Mahara files
  3. Right click and select cut (or press Ctrl & X on keyboard)
  4. Open your MyDocuments and paste

image of Mahara zip folder in Downloads

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