Panopto: How to get a text transcription for any video

Thankfully, video captioning has improved greatly in recent times. Automatic captions for the most part are quite accurate and with Panopto you can now not only add automatic video captions, but download a complete text transcription of them as well.

To find out how to do this, follow the steps below:

1. Access Panopto by visiting the following website address:

2. Login using your standard Marjon credentials (leave the top box set to ‘LearningSpace’)

logging in panopto

3. Click on ‘My folder’ to access your personal video cloud storage space

4. To upload a video or audio file to your ‘My Folder’ space, click on the ‘Create’ button and select ‘Upload media’ (either drag and drop your file into the space, or click and find it from your computer)

login to system

5. Wait until you see a success message and then close the box down. (For long videos you will need to wait until the video has completed processing before heading the next step)

6. Once your audio or video file has processed, hover your mouse over the video and select ‘Edit’

Editing a video

7. Next, select ‘Captions’ from the left-hand side of the screen (select the arrow to change the language to ‘United Kingdom from United States)

captioining the video

8. Next, click where it says ‘Import captions’ and select ‘Import automatic captions’

import auto captions

9. The captions file will then appear in the editor (note you can edit any caption if there are any errors by clicking on the text)

text transcription

10. When you are satisfied with the captions text and accuracy, click on the red ‘Apply’ button and then wait for a box to appear, then select the blue ‘OK’ button.

apply button

11. Next ‘stop’ the automatic playback and exit the video editor

12. Hover your mouse over the video and this time select ‘Settings’

settings for video

13. Click on ‘Captions’ > Then from the ‘Available captions’ area, click the arrow to expand the options and select ‘Download file’

options caption optin

14. Depending on your browser, the file will download at the bottom toolbar (you can always navigate to your ‘downloads’ folder on your computer

15. Open the file and save it to a usable location (The file will most likely open in a notepad, like the below example shown)

text example

Watch a tutorial video to learn more

Other alternatives

You may also wish to check out – this is a easy to use speech to text translator.  A free account will provide for 600 free minutes per month, but only x3 video/audio uploads.

More information on is available from the following link.

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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