Teams: Using Microsoft Whiteboard

If you are in need of adding some interactivity to your sessions in Teams, have you considered using Microsoft Whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard will enable you to either display a board that you can write, add text or shapes into.  You can also setup the whiteboard so that your students can collaborate on. Perhaps you want to use the space during a collaborate brainstorming session?

If you are recording the session, this will capture the live interactions, but you can also export the whiteboard as an image.

To use Microsoft Whiteboard during a Teams session, please follow the instructions below:

1. Open your Teams meeting

2. When you want to use Microsoft Whiteboard, stop sharing your PowerPoint presentation or other source if you are sharing

3. Click on ‘Share Content’

4. Select ‘Microsoft Whiteboard’ (it should be located on the right-hand side)

showing whiteboard link

5. Once activated select whether you want only you to use it, or whether you want your students to be able to collaborate on the board

Showing the whiteboard options

6. Take a look at the below key, which shows how the functions work.

Whiteboard key

To download your whiteboard as an image, head to the settings menu:

Showing teams whiteboard settings

Watch a video tutorial to learn more

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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