Teams: Interactive quizzing in Teams with Quizlet

If you want to add more interactivity in the form of quizzing or a fun educational game as an activity with students in a live online Teams session, then Quizlet could be worth looking at.

Quizlet enables you to setup flashcards, tests and quickfire live educational games for your students. You can also embed different activities into your modules.  This guide will cover how to setup your Quizlet space and use the live educational game option in Teams. (note the study tools are not covered in this tutorial, but there are tutorials online, such as the one from this link)


In order to setup your Quizlet, you may want to firstly create a class – this will enable you to share your Quizlets privately.

1. Go to and select the ‘Sign up’ button (go through the setup process)

2. Once you have logged in click on ‘Create’ then select ‘Study Set’ (close down the promotional box advertising the teacher account)

create button

3. Enter a title for your study set and a description if needed

4. Next set the visibility of the set (you may wish this to only be visible to your students with a password for example)

Privacy options

5. Next you need to start entering ‘terms’ and ‘definitions’ – if you think about this as a quiz, ‘terms’ = question – ‘definitions’ = answer

terms and definitions

6. Complete all the empty cards and then add one more by selecting ‘+ ADD CARD’ (we need x6 cards in total to be able to facilitate a live educational game) – (You can add images if you wish & before the quiz starts students will be able to flip the flash cards to reveal the answer to ‘rehearse’ before the start. If you don’t want to allow students to rehearse, activate the quiz as soon as all the students have joined)

Image tip:

If you do select the image selector, if your question is quite specific it is unlikely to pull up any image options – therefore erased the question in the search box and instead type in a more generic term – for example ‘grapes’

image search terms

7. Once you have created all your x6 cards, click on the ‘Create’ button

8. You will be taken to the main study area, which is divided into x2 sections ‘study’ and ‘play’ – for this guide we will be using the ‘Live’ educational game option. (more on the study options later)

9. Click on ‘Live’

Live quiz

10. Select if you want your students to be placed into teams or if you want students to play the game individually (note for teams you need 4 or more students)

11. Now select the second option – ‘Term and Definition’

Term and definition option

12. Copy the quizlet live website address and code, then paste into the Teams chat space and ask your students to join the quiz – wait until you see that all students have joined up (ask them to enter their name, not a made up name) (note you may wish to switch off the happy music via ‘Options’ at the top right of the screen)

13. Your students will need to enter the correct code to join as below

quizlet code

14. When all students have joined click on ‘Create game’

15. When you select ‘Create game’ students will be waiting to start and you’ll need to then click on ‘Start game’

Start game

Tip: If you want to you could share your screen to display the ‘live’ quiz and if you’re recording the session it could make for a fun ‘recap’ for students watching the recording back

live quiz

winner slide


Tip: ‘Continue with stats’ shows what students learned and where they may have struggled

Tip: To make the live game a bit trickier, consider adding more cards than the minimum of six.

Watch a tutorial video to learn more

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Matt Ewens

Digital Innovation Technologist

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