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Canvas Studio can be used to record presentation or poster videos that you can then download as an .MP4 file.  

How to record and download MP4 file with Canvas Studio

Note: If you are a Mac user and experience any issues with Canvas Studio, Canvas Support have advised that you contact them via the online chat so that they can help you there and then.

Click the link to view/download the guide: How to record and download MP4 file with Canvas Studio

or follow the instructions/watch the video below.

Login to Canvas

Click the Studio icon in the Global menu

Go to the top right corner, click Record and select Screen capture

image showing how to launch screen capture

This will launch the app and you will see a frame appear on your screen

Open your presentation and press F5 to put it into Slideshow view

Everything within the frame will be captured, so adjust the frame accordingly


Click Narration and check that the correct microphone is selected

select mic

Note: If you are using a laptop, the laptop mic should be fine

Speak a few words to check that the mic is working – make sure the green bars flash when you talk

narration - green bars

Record Screen and webcam

Studio is set up to record content within the frame on your screen.  If you want to include a video of yourself speaking, select Both

image icon showing screen and webcam selected

Press Rec to begin the recording

image of red record button

Talk through your poster or presentation and click arrow keys on your PowerPoint to navigate through animations and slides

image of presentation navigation icons

When you have finished recording press the Pause button

image of blue pause button

From here you have options to playback the recording, delete the recording or if you are happy with the recording click Done

image showing toolbar options when recording has stopped

Enter a title for your recording and click Upload.

Note: You can also playback your recording and opt to Redo from here

image showing where to enter title and upload

Access and Download your poster or presentation video

Login to Canvas

Click the Studio icon in the Global menu

Click View to open your recording

image showing video and view button

Then click the 3 dot icon and select Download

image showing option to download video

Your presentation/poster recording will download as an MP4 video file

Watch the video to see how to do this

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