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Panopto may be used for video resources that are embedded into your Marjon Canvas module, it may also be used for your video assessment work.

Accessing Panopto recordings from Canvas

If your lecturer is using the Panopto space in your Marjon Canvas courses, then they will appear within the below area as highlighted in the screenshot:

Panopto videos in canvas

If your Panopto recordings are not appearing in this space, please speak to your lecturer in the first instance.

Watch a video tutorial to learn more

Installing and using the Panopto mobile app

You can view recordings and lecture content from your mobile device using the Panopto app for Android and iOS. This app allows you to view all the recordings in the modules that you are enrolled on and also allows you to download recordings to view offline.

Panopto App

To download the Panopto app go to the App store (iOS) or Play store (Android) on your device and search for Panopto. This will allow you to install the Panopto app. Once it is installed click to open it.

Panopto login box

When you first open the app you need to click Enter site URL to link to your Marjon account (Do not sign in to Panopto)

To set your Panopto site, enter the following address:

You will then be prompted to sign in with LearningSpace. Click the Sign in button, then enter your Marjon username and password and click the Log in button


Once you have signed in using your credentials you will be presented with a screen showing all the recordings you have access to. Recordings are organised in date order and you can use the search feature to look for specific modules and lectures.

Click on a recording to play it

Offline viewing

Download a video for offline viewing

Open the App and locate the video that you want to view offline

Tap the down arrow to the right of the video

This will change the arrow to an X icon while the video is downloading and a progress bar will display

When the video has successfully downloaded a tick icon will display

View videos offline

Tap the menu icon in the top right corner and select Downloads

Then tap a video to view it

To delete a video, tap the bin icon next to it

Recording your PowerPoint or Poster Presentations to submit to Panopto

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio is a great app to use to record presentation or poster videos. Recordings are easy to capture in Studio and can be downloaded as MP4 files which are suitable for submitting to Panopto.

Go to the Canvas Studio page to access the tutorial guide and video.


Another option is to record  your presentation or poster with narration in PowerPoint and then save as a video file. This method works well, but it can take a while for the video file to be generated.

1. Connect a headset with microphone to your laptop/PC

2. Open your completed PowerPoint

3. Click Slide Show – Record Slide Show – Click the downward arrow ‘Record Slide Show’ and select ‘Record from beginning’

Record slides tool

4. A preview screen will appear as below

5. Select ‘Settings’ and check that your microphone headset is selected correctly and press the record button

Example of record view Powerpoint

6. If you wish you can capture your web camera, but disable the camera to stop capturing your web camera (note the avatar icon is just a preview of your camera, this will not stop your camera from recording)

Powerpoint recording tools

7. Talk through the slides. If you have animations on the slide click to advance them

8. To go to the next slide, click the right-hand arrow to advance to the next slide

9. To pause the recording, just click on the ‘Record’ button and it will pause. Re-start the recording by pressing the record button again

10. When you have finished recording, simply click on the stop button

* When you have finished recording your presentation, you’ll notice a speaker icon on each slide that shows audio has been added
* When you click the speaker icon a play bar appears for you to playback your slide audio
* If you want to clear your narration and start again – go to Record Slide Show – Clear – and select from options to clear narration on current slide or all slides
* Play slide show from beginning will play slide show with narration

(If you are using Office 2016, after you have completed recording, just click on the X to exit the recording window.  To playback, go to Slideshow > From Beginning. To clear narration or timings, go to ‘Record Slide Show > Clear

To see how to record video in an earlier version of Powerpoint 2016, there is a helpful video tutorial available on YouTube.

Note: If you need to upload your presentation to Panopto, you must save your recorded slides in a usable format, preferably .mp4

To save your presentation with narration as a video:

* Click File – Save as and select Windows Media Video (.mp4 or if not available .wmv)
* (If using Office 2016, go to File > Save as > Select the folder to save to and select .mp4 file type and save
* If using a Mac – please save as a .mov or .mp4 video format

Uploading a video or audio file to a Panopto Assignment folder for assessment

In addition to using Panopto (REPLAY) to record lectures,  some tutors may request that you use Panopto as part of the assessment process, for example to upload a PowerPoint or poster presentation video or maybe an audio file. This short guide will take you through the steps required.

Note: Panopto will only accept video or audio files.
For more information see Video and Audio File formats accepted by Panopto

Uploading your video or audio file to a Panopto Assignment folder

1. Go to your relevant Marjon Canvas module course and click  ‘Panopto Video’ in the course navigation

When the folder opens, you’ll see any recordings that your tutor has shared with you and above them you will see the assignment folder.

Note: Your tutor will have named the assignment folder so it will be different from the example shown below 

2. Click into the assignment folder

assignment folder

3. This will open the relevant space

4. Click the ‘Create’ button and select ‘Upload media’

uploading video


5. Then drag your video or audio file into the area indicated or click into the area to navigate and locate the file

6. A message will appear to let you know when your upload is complete

If you have uploaded the wrong file, hover over the name of your file (e.g. in the screenshot below) and click the ‘bin’ icon to delete it

deleted option

Watch a video tutorial to see how

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