Clinical Hours

21/03/2019 – Hours 27-28 –

My first hour the pt c/o tightness in upper back following a golf session. Rx = 30 Minute massage. I felt comfortable palpating treating this area and practicing ROM techniques. During the palpations it was very tight at the top of the spine where I found the spine had moved to one side due to muscle imbalance and bad posture. I need to read up on this area and gain more knowledge. I told them to make sure they stretch before any training session or exercise.

My second hour pt c/o lower back pain due to be a builder for 13 years. Rx = 30 minute massage. I released the tension and tightness this had built up due to not lifting things probably. I said to make sure they stretch before and after work I gave them a few that I think would benefit.m

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