Clinical Hours

22/03/2019 – Hours 29-30

My first hour the pt c/o achiness in their quadriceps following a football shooting session. Rx = 30 Minute massage. I felt relaxed treating this area and practicing ROM techniques. I need to read up on this area and gain more knowledge on what specific muscles are being used during the kicking notion.I told them to make surety warm up before any training session or exercise.

My second hour pt c/o upper back tightness due to competing in a swimming competition I asked what their stroke was so I had some ground knowledge to work on. I mainly worked on their trapezius and rhomboid. Rx = 30 minute massage. I released the tension up their arms too as their stroke is butterfly specialising in 200m. The extra rotation in the stroke in comparison to the rest in bigger. I gave them stretches to perform before and after any training and competition.

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