Clinical Hours

26/03/2019 – Hours 32-33-

My first hour the pt c/o achiness in their upper back following a basketball session. Rx = 30 Minute massage. I felt relaxed treating this area and practicing ROM techniques. I need to read up on this area and gain more knowledge on what specific muscles are being used during the throwing motion. I told them to make sure warm up before any training session or exercise.

My second hour pt c/o upper back tightness. They have been a swimmer for 16 years and has never had a STM before. I mainly worked on their trapezius as there was a lot of nots. Rx = 30 minute massage. I released the tension up their arms too. I told them to book in again due to not being able to get the nots out straight away because they are so big. I gave them stretches to perform before and after any training and competition.

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