Clinical Hours

Hours 42-43-

My first hour the pt c/o tightness in their quadriceps due to completing a leg day at the gym. Rx = 30 Minute (STM) massage. I felt confident treating this area and practicing ROM techniques. I need to read up on this area and gain more knowledge. I told them to make sure warm up before any training session or exercise. Also, they need to keep hydrated due to sweating a lot they can become dehydrated easily. I recommended some stretches to do and then we can both evaluate if these are effective enough o keep doing or we should change them.

My second hour pt c/o lower back pain. This pt was a cleaner with their own business. They explained to me that the repetitive strains to standing up and kneeling down was causing pain. They said this is then resulting in pain when completing other day to day activities.  Rx = 30 minute (STM) massage. I observed the pt walking, sitting and picking up day to day objects. I used Pet and Eff massage types. I went over the places that were more painful to release more tension these places where the posterior obliques. I need to look over the different massage types to widen my treatment.

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