Clinical Hours

Hours 44-45-

My first hour the pt c/o tightness in their upper back due to back a construction worker. They explained they work 5 full days a week and have repetitive strain on their back from carrying and moving heavy objects. Rx = 30 Minute (STM) massage. I felt confident treating this area and practicing ROM techniques. I need to read up on this area and gain more knowledge. I told them to make sure warm up before any training session or exercise. Also, they need to keep hydrated due to sweating a lot they can become dehydrated easily. I should have asked them to perform the actions they do at work so I can visually see what they are doing and what muscles they use.

My second hour pt c/o gastrocnemius tightness. This pt was ballerina. They explained to me that the repetitive strains to standing up on to there toes and back down to a flat footed state.. They said this is then resulting in pain when completing other day to day activities.  Rx = 30 minute (STM) massage. I observed the pt walking and sitting. I used Pet and Eff massage types. I went over the places that were more painful to release more tension. I need to look over the different massage types to widen my treatment.

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