Clinical Hours

Hours 48-49-

My first hour the pt c/o tightness in their quadriceps. This was due to performing deadlifts in the gym on the previous day. They explained that they could possibly be performing the deadlifts incorrectly due to postural issues. Rx = 30 Minute (STM) massage. I felt confident treating this area due to practising this area a lot and understanding the muscles in the upper section of the back. I need to read up on this area and gain more knowledge on the contractions of the muscles during certain exercises and movements. This is because I believe I have more knowledge on the upper section of the body. I told them to make sure they stretch before and after. Also, they need to keep hydrated due to the sweat they will be producing.

My second hour pt c/o hamstring pain. This pt was a badminton player. They explained to me that the pain occurred last week due to standing on their left leg too heavy and exerting too much power and pressure. They said this is then resulting in pain when completing other day to day activities for example walking up and down the stairs and driving. They have been struggling to do these for the start week. When I first touch the area it was very tight so I performed a Rx = 30 minute (STM) massage. I observed the pt walking and sitting. I used Pet and Eff massage types.  I need to look over the different massage types to widen my treatment and possibly think about taping next time.

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