Clinical Hours

Hour 50-

During this hour the pt had c/o tightness in their biceps. This was due to a previous competition they completed a few days before. They explained that the stroke was butterfly and it was 200m. This stroke is a complicated stroke due to it being a stroke where multiple muscles are being used. This stroke begins in front and goes to the back and then you rotate to being it over to then go to the front again. So this shows that the stroke is complicated in comparison to the other strokes. I suggested Rx = 30 Minute (STM) massage was the best way to uptightness the muscles and relax. I felt less confident treating this area due to not practising this area a lot or understanding the muscles. I believe I need to look over the arm and I need to read up on this area and gain more knowledge on the contractions of the muscles during certain exercises and movements. This is because I believe I have more knowledge on the upper section on the back. I told them to make sure they stretch before and after. Also, they need to keep hydrated due to the sweat they will be producing.

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