Useful Blogs

These are 5 blogs that inspire me professionally:

Ben Jane- This blog is by a lecturer at Marjon University. The blog posts do relate to Marjon a lot, this is so the student can use it. It also refers to external things that don’t link to Sport Therapy or Rehabilitation. For example; ‘ Do we need 7 portions of fruit & veg?’, Managing your work’, ‘sugar v fat: is it personal?.’ Also, the blogs include ‘Physical activity in health’, ‘Physiology Lab Report help’ and ‘rehabilitation in back pain.’

Capital Physio- This blog has many topics for sport rehabilitators and therapists. This will help them in their professions gain knowledge and other perspectives. The topics are ‘Ankle Sprains- what to do?’, ‘pitch side support- a physio’s role in professional football’ and ‘sports and remedial massage.’ These all seem experienced based blog posts. This means that as a reader you can get an inside insight of working in different settings.

Sport Rehab Centre- This blog is a more opinionated and resourceful source that has a variety of topics. These include; 10 essential shoulder exercises for baseball players, how to choose the best therapy clinic and posture and pain. As you can see from these few topics I have picked they are either specific to a sport or knowledge and opinion based. This is a good thing due to you will gain knowledge as the reader however, if it is sport specific it may not interest you as much.

Elite Rehabilitation & Sports-  This blog informs people on a range of topics. These include, lower limb injury prevention, how to train like a pro or knee rehabilitation course links. These will either help people for their own well-being or help therapists widen their knowledge and help them with their profession.

Lilliput health- This blogs give you information on Nutrition, sports massage, sports therapy and injury prevention. however, this blog includes mental health awareness. This is good because sport and exercise link into you psychological well-being. This is an extra subject that most people forget and need to be aware of.