STYC01 Clinical Reflection 8/11/18

On the 8thNovember at Marjon Sport and Health Clinic I massaged a client for 1 hour focussing on the upper back and the gastrocnemii. For the second hour I received a massage allowing me to understand what the different techniques feel like and which ones are most effective for me.

Reflective Summary 

Before my client arrived, I made sure that the bed was set up appropriately, I had the correct mediums ready that I wanted to use and I had enough towels to ensure client modesty. Once my client arrived at the appointment they complained of upper back pain so I spent 30 minutes working on this area and the whole back using a variety of methods. I firstly performed effleurage and then went into petrissage using both kneading and wringing. I knew from a previous massage that the client generally had tightness under the medial border of the scapula so I palpated it and then applied a variety of techniques to release the muscle tension. To do this I used neuromuscular technique which involves applying pressure using the thumb to a certain area for up to 30 seconds. It’s important to communicate effectively especially when using this method as the client needs to be able to tell you when the pain is decreasing so you know when to release the pressure. The client then requested a post exercise massage on the backs of their legs where I mainly focussed on the calves as I felt they had more muscle tightness in them.

Areas for further improvement 

To improve I think I need to practice massaging on a wider range of people instead of just my friends and family. This would mean that I would have to act professional at all times ensuring I use the right towelling techniques and anything that the client tells me is kept confidential. I also struggle with knowing when to use certain techniques. I think it would be good for me to do some more research into each technique so I know exactly when each one can be used and when to avoid using it. I think I should communicate more with the client so I know which methods work well for them or if I am applying the right pressure.

Things to Remember

  1. Its important to try out different massage mediums so you can find out which one works best for both you and the client
  2. Ensure you always check for contraindications before beginning any type of treatment
  3. Regularly check with the client to ensure enough pressure is being applied and that massage is not uncomfortable for them


Kneading of the lateral side of the lower back
Effleurage of the gastrocnemius muscle
Hacking of the gastrocnemius muscle

Palpation of the medial border of the scapula

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