STYC01 Clinical Reflection 4/12/18

In this 1 hour session I had 2 clients come along from the ladies’ football team who wanted a pre sports massage before there game. This led me to focus my treatment on the calf muscles, releasing tension.

Reflective Summary 

At the beginning of the session I made sure the workspace was set up appropriately and that the conditions were as hygienic as possible.  I then asked the client to lie face down on the massage bed which is a prone position. Before I selected which massage medium I was going to use I asked the client if they had any contraindications or allergies to ensure I was professional and it showed I considered their health. Once I had selected an effective medium I began with effleurage to increase the blood circulation which can be seen by erythema (redness on the surface of the skin). I then did a lot of kneading which is a petrissage technique that helps you to get deeper into the muscle tissue while still warming them up.  To save my fingers I used other parts of my body such as my knuckles and forearm to palpate the calf muscles even more allowing tension to be released. I used neuromuscular techniques on areas of tightness where the pressure of my thumb stops the blood flow and once released the blood will rush to the area to try and remove any waste products. At the end of the massage I ensured I lowered the bed so it was easier for the client to get off.

Areas for further improvement 

To improve its important for me to learn the origins and insertions of the muscles in the body as it will allow me to understand where each muscle begins and ends so I can affect all areas. I could also use alternative methods such as muscular energy techniques which includes PIR (post isometric relaxation) and RI (reciprocal inhibition) as you can achieve the same thing as massage but in a much shorter time meaning more can be done in the session.

Things to Remember 

  1. It depends on the client how much massage medium is needed even in the same area
  2. Remember to use the bolster to prevent over extension
  3. Ensure when massaging you are covering all areas of the muscle 


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