STYC01 Clinical Reflection 4/2/19

This was the first open clinic I participated in. I spent the first hour practicing filling out a consultation form and the following hour with a second-year student where I planned and performed a treatment.

Reflective summary 

For the first half of the session another sports therapy student and I practiced completing the clinical consultation form. We ensured that the form was filled out thoroughly with as much information/detail as possible. We also said that we needed to make sure the client gives written consent before any treatment can be done. In the next hour of the session I treated a second-year student as they complained of tightness in their left shoulder. I filled out the subjective and objective section of the consultation form and as part of this I palpated and tested range of movement (ROM). Once I had written consent from the client I began the treatment where I explained to them that I would do soft tissue massage including neuromuscular technique. I started with effleurage to create heat and to feel for areas of tightness or potential injury. I then used petrissage to try and relieve tension around the area of tightness and to increase blood flow. I chose neuromuscular technique on the area of hypersensitivity to try and enhance lymphatic drainage and circulation in order to remove waste products.

Areas for further improvement

Even though I do this on occasions I think the most important improvement that I need to make is communicating effectively with the client. This is important to do so you know if you are applying the right amount of pressure. This can be done by using the pain scale: 1 being the lowest pain and 10 being the worst. I also need to practice using other parts of my body such as my elbows to get deeper into the tissue, allowing tension to be released, even if the patient has a high pain threshold. In this session I set up the bed too close to the wall. This meant I was unable to perform muscular energy techniques of the trapezius due to the positioning that is needed. If I was able to do this it would have allowed me to use alternative techniques other than soft tissue massage.

Things to remember 

  1. Remember to put as much information as you can into the clinical consultation form
  2. You can use your elbows and other parts of the body to get deeper, creating more pressure
  3. Keep an eye on the time so you are able to fit everything planned into the session

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