Clinical Reflection 4/03/19 10am

In the second hour of open clinic I treated a client who had twisted their knee playing football a week ago.

Reflective Summary 

At the start of the session I filled out the subjective section of the clinical consultation form which is anything expressed by the patient. From this section he explained to me that he had twisted his knee at football training 7 days ago. From the objective assessment I observed the clients left knee and I could see bruising and swelling around this area. I also observed the foot to clear the joint below and noticed they were slightly everted. I tested range of movement (ROM) of the knee joint (flexion and extension) where the client told me that in flexion there was medial knee pain and in extension no pain. For my treatment, from the information collected, I decided to do soft tissue massage (as the injury was no longer in the acute stage) of the quadriceps and then use K tape to provide extra support. I elevated the leg when massaging to allow for lymphatic drainage. In order for this to occur I massaged towards the heart as there are lymph nodes located in the groin. I used both effleurage and petrissage using my thumbs, knuckles and forearm to try and achieve this. I finished the treatment with k taping my clients knee my using the patellafemoral syndrome technique to provide support to structures that do not require full immobilisation.

Areas for further improvement 

To improve further I need to practice filling out the observation part of the clinical consultation form as I always struggle for things to write about. The more times I do it the more likely I am to become more confident in filling it in. As we have only just learnt it we haven’t had much time to put it into practice. Even though I was constantly checking to see if the pressure was correct, to improve I could have used the VAS pain scale (0-10) to make it easier to tell if the pressure was right over the injury. If he said that the pain was 7 or above I would have eased the pressure. The final improvement that I could have made would have been to ensure all the massage medium was wiped off the client before applying it. If I did this it would have stuck a lot better.

Things to remember 

  1. You can change the height of different parts of the bed to allow elevation of a particular area
  2. Ensure all massage medium is removed from the client before applying tape
  3. Use bolsters to allow the client to be as comfortable as possible



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